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  • Personal Training near Etobicoke

    I have been working out with personal trainers on and off for over 20 years now. There are two things I know for sure. I never work out as consistently or with as much intensity on my own which means (no surprise) I don’t achieve the same fitness results. It also means that I know the difference between a trainer that puts in time with a client and a personal trainer that is knowledgeable and tailors the workout to the client. Andrew is phenomenal! His workouts constantly provide me with new challenges but he is always really strict about using the correct form to prevent injuries. Working out with Andrew is a necessity not a luxury. I want to be flipping tires, running road races and completing obstacle courses 20 years from now.

  • Personal Training near Etobicoke

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you. From meeting you at the gym about a year ago to now has been quite the journey!  I saw a picture of myself one day and did not recognize the person looking back but more importantly I didn’t like how tired and unmotivated I felt. I had decided that aging meant, you weren’t in shape, that it was too hard to lose weight and that you would generally not feel as well! Well I can tell you a year of personal training with you and I have never been in better shape, I feel energized and motivated to stay active and eat healthy!  I have lost over 20 lbs but more importantly I feel empowered!  Aging doesn’t have to mean anything!  You have been so extremely supportive. You have never made me feel embarrassed for what I can’t do but instead proud for what I can do. I owe a lot of this change in attitude to you so thank you. Darryl and I joined the gym to get active but mostly to be a good role model to our kids about how important an active lifestyle is and we got so much more. Thank you Andrew for all your hard work and constant encouragement!

    Stella D'Silva

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