Crystal McAfee, Personal Trainer

Crystal McAfee

Welcome to the Gutsy Strong team. I started Gutsy Strong to help people in the chronic illness community discover their strengths, overcome limiting beliefs, and support each other on their journey toward optimal health. As someone who has spent over three-quarters of her life chronically ill, I understand how challenging it can be to live with chronic illness and pain.

My health journey was long and arduous. I spent decades dependent on multiple prescription medications and restrictive diets. Despite adhering strictly to the standard protocols I continued to suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, and an inability to manage my symptoms.

Several years ago I found resistance training and it changed my life. Not only have I been able to improve bone density and reverse muscle loss, but I have also learned how to utilize nutrition to support my goals in the gym. As a result, I now have more energy than I ever have and I can manage the symptoms of my chronic incurable illness.

Resistance training has been a life changer for me, so I chose to earn my personal training certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and launch Gutsy Strong Fitness. Since then our team has grown to include members 11-80 years of age, some chronically ill, others healthy. Our desire to achieve optimal health through training, nutrition, and mindset practices unites us. Welcome to the Gutsy Strong community!

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